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Robot as Incursion Reflection 2015

Today on the 10th of December 2015, all the girls from Year 3-6 went to an incursion called Robogals. We first got told about Civil and Structual Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and some more that I cannot remember the names of.

We spent most of the session doing Mechatronics ( mechanics and electronics ) and working on a little robot. We had to program the robot to do a series of moves. First we had to make the robot move forward for 2 seconds, turn 90 degrees and move backwards for two seconds.

Next we had to make the  robot move in a square. That task was a little more hard then just forward and backwards but we got there in the end.

Overall it was a good session and I had fun working in a group getting the robot to do a series of moves. It was fun.

Buddies Picnic Excursion

Today on the 9th of December 2015 the Year 5/6’s with their prep buddies went to the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

When we first got there we started walking with our buddies to the Lake. There we did some activities about what we saw, heard, smelt and felt. We then got a booklet to fill in about all of those senses . On the next page of the booklet there was column and in those column types of birds and how many you could see, so we filled that in and moved onto the next place we were going to.

The next place we arrived at was the Herb Garden. In the same booklet that we got earlier there was a section to do the same things that we did at the lake, use all our senses ( except taste ) to see what we could smell, hear, feel and see. After we finished that part we flipped onto the next page to do another activity of what we could find and do a description of it. After my buddy and I finished doing that we just walked around the herb garden smelling all of the great smells and some of the horrible ones. We had got to have a little walk around by the time that we were called over to the teacher so that we could start walking to the next place.

The next and last place we went was the Fern Gully. That was one of my favourite places because we walked on a mini bridge through a mini jungle thing and got to look at all of the plants and wildlife around us. At one point in there the sprinkler got turned on so everyone got really wet but luckily it was hot so the water from the sprinklers cooled us off. In the fern gully we did the exact same thing that we did in the two other places. We used our senses to answer the questions of what could we see, hear, feel and smell. We then went to a nice quiet place to sit down and rest before heading off again to meet with all the other classes.

When we got to a big area of grass and trees and met the other 5/6 and Prep classes we sat down and had our lunch and talked with our buddies about the day we’ve had. As people started to finish off their lunch they were free to go and hang out with their friends.

When everybody finished their lunch all the classes got together to have a huge game of duck duck goose. When we played duck duck goose it was really good to see that not only the preps were having fun but the older buddies too.

After duck duck goose we played toilet tiggy. Toilet tiggy was fun but most of the 5/6’s were really tired from the day so they just stood around and watched their prep buddies play. Once toilet tiggy was finished we packed up our things and got going back to school, thinking about the fun day we had had.


SEPEP Reflection

3 Facts

SEPEP is a sport activity that where you play any sport for about  45 minutes and get into a team. We played soccer/futsal and got put into teams and came up with our colour and name.

My team was green and our name was The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

My team came second in the Grand Final to the Pixels.

2 Understandings

SEPEP can be any sport not just soccer or futsal.

Playing with a team makes playing sport a lot more fun than playing on your own.

1 Wonder

What does SEPEP stand for?

100wc Week #9 Emotions

Do you know how people sometimes match colours with emotions? Like how jealousy is green, sadness is blue and anger is red. ¬†Well have you ever felt those 3 mixed together at the same time. I have. And in case your wondering, it doesn’t feel good. But have you ever thought about this in a different way? Like how this could build the power, happiness and love up inside of you. I learnt that by the quote: You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, that you can’t judge a colour by what people say it is. It’s what YOU see that counts.

100wc #Week 7 My baby sister

If you want to listen to me read this, listen here:

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It was the first night that my little baby sister had come home to see our new house. It was really exciting! Her cot had been set up in my parent’s room with her blanket and everything. Because she was a new born baby we decided to put her to bed at 5:30. Because I was so tired I decided to go to bed soon after.

It had been about 10 minutes from when I went to bed when Lily started crying. It had been about half an hour and she just wouldn’t stop crying. Now I’ll never get any sleep EVER AGAIN!

100WC #Week 6 The $50 Bill

If you want to listen to me read this, listen here:

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Hi my name Isabelle,
I am 12 years old and my parents died when I was 4 years old in a car accident. I was sent to an orphanage when I was 7 after my only relative didn’t want custody of me any more. ¬†I had spent 3 years in that orphanage until I finally decided to run away. So from that day on I have been living on the streets of Melbourne.

It has been hard but I have gotten through it. The best thing happened to me today. Someone gave me $50. WOW! It felt like I was finally accepted into the world.

100wc #Week 4 The Thunder and Lightning

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It was the middle of the night. I was kept awake by the thunder and lightning outside. I felt like the storm was right above my house, that’s how loud the thunder was. I was laying in bed staring at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep. There were so many thoughts going around in my head like why a pineapple is called a pineapple or why eggplant is called eggplant. I was woken up from my daze by a big rumble in the sky. But then, in the middle of all the noise there was a big CRASH! I looked out my window and saw…

Poetic words and lines- lesson 1

The goal for this lesson was: I understand how authors play with language features to achieve particular purposes and effects.

In this lesson we got split up into groups of 3 or 4 and got given different coloured pieces of paper to write on them colours, adjectives, verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs and more.

This was the poem our group came up with:
Tokyo was sleeping at this at this time of night, but the sky was still colourful with its stars shining bright.

This is it with line breaks:
Tokyo………………………………..was sleeping…………………………….at this time of night………………………..but…………………… the sky was………………………………………s…………….still colourful………..¬†with its stars…………………. shining bright.